Executive Administrative Assistant Placement with Steele Recruiting

When you are in need of a key Executive Administrative Assistant to support you and your company, Steele Recruiting is the trusted search firm in the Twin Cities to depend on.

Whether you have a week, or months to identify the perfect candidate, you want to be confident you can turn the search over to a direct hire recruiter who works with the same intensity and direction as your organization. We specialize in administrative assistant recruiting, and have over ten years proven success.

Steele Recruiting customizes each search process specifically around our clients needs- every search, every position, every time. We offer customized Executive Administrative Assistant recruitment and executive search solutions for companies in the Minneapolis-St Paul market and nationwide for your satellite locations.

Through outstanding service, and recruitment of the highest quality administrative talent available in a competitive market, we have earned the respect of multiple companies as their consistent and dependable HR Recruiting partner. We pride ourselves on finding the right fit the first time, efficiently.

We continually work on the cutting edge of today’s recruiting technology resources including:

  • Skills based and customized talent assessments,
  • Passive candidate sourcing through social networking websites
  • Tapping into our extensive executive recruiting networks and niche expertise
  • Video conferencing and behavioral based interviews on location

The results for your organization are administrative candidates who have immediate impact on your company’s bottom line:  culture alignment leading to a long term employee.

At Steele Recruiting, “We Connect Great People with Great Companies.”